Success Stories

Success Stories

‘We want all our pupils to develop extraordinary reading habits. Simply put – Read Write Inc. Phonics makes this possible’

Venessa Willms, Director of Education for Ark schools

Read case studies of Read Write Inc. schools with an online subscription:

  • Primary schools and trusts teaching children to read from Reception
  • Secondary and SEND schools working with struggling readers

‘Leaders know that reading is pupils’ passport to success for all areas of learning. Consequently, reading is placed at the heart of the school’s curriculum’

Pensby Primary School, Merseyside – Ofsted inspection, July 2022

Read Write Inc. schools with an online subscription receive positive feedback from Ofsted for:

  • Fidelity to a phonics programme
  • A strong start in Reception
  • An expert reading team
  • Using decodable books
  • A culture of story time
  • Support for the slowest progress children
  • And leaders determined that every child will read

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