Parent workshops

You will learn how to introduce your child to early sounds, blending, and phonics. Supporting their first steps in learning to read and write, we will practice how to: Crack the English Code Play early literacy games Teach your child to read and write sounds in less than 5 minutes a day Make learning to read fun! […]

Feedback and testimonials

USA Ruth Miskin Literacy is awesome! I have been in education for 14 years and I am so glad to have finally found a program that kids love and that I love to teach. I was introduced to Read Write Inc. and our skilled, dynamic trainer, Colleen Somich, at a conference in February 2016 and I knew […]

Public workshops

Our training empowers school leaders, teachers, tutors, and parents to teach every child to read. No exceptions. Join us for a three half-day training delivered by Colleen Somich, Head of Training America, former school leader and teacher (B.A., M.Ed., Sue Lehmann Award finalist 2009), former New York University Adjunct Instructor. Colleen will share Read Write Inc.’s approach […]

Implementation and costs

Read Write Inc. Implementation Step 1: Leadership Implementation Meeting​ Prepares the school leadership team and reading leader for their team training and successful, thoughtful implementation by creating a culture of trust and support. Sets up whole-school systems for assessment, data analysis, grouping, one-to-one tutoring, and coaching at your school. Step 2: Two-day On-Site or Remote Training Our […]