Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

Ada’s head is full of questions; why, what, how and when? ‘How does a nose know there’s something to smell? And does it still stink if there’s no nose to tell?’
This fabulous rhyming story is perfect for Year 1+ to inspire curiosity and perseverance in young, would-be scientists. Follow your passion; and your nose!

The Family Tree by Kate Ferdinand

Amongst magical forest families, live Ash, Willow and their dad. Dad introduces them to a new person. The children like her but also miss their mum. What will bring this blended family together? As they bake, they get to know one another and their home starts to glow with love and magic.

Do You Remember? by Sydney Smith

A boy and his mum share memories of when they lived with dad in a faraway place. Some are very beautiful; lying on a blue blanket in the sun. Some more painful; a scary rainstorm and leaving their home. They begin to make new memories together. Lyrical and stunningly illustrated for Year 1+.

Everything Changes by Clare Helen Walsh and Asa Gillard

Mummy and daddy can’t live together anymore; it’s confusing and worrying. The family build a new life, do different things and talk about what it feels like.
‘Sometimes grown-ups separate, but parents are forever’. What keeps them together even if they are apart? Love.

One Little Word by Joseph Coelho and Allison Colpoys

Two best friends argue; the argument grows until they feel more like enemies. A rollercoaster of shouting, shoving and tears ensues.
What will it take to heal their friendship? Why, one little word of course. Oh, and a hug.

Girls on Wheels by Srividhya Venhat and Kate Wadsworth

Three girls who love to skate; except one of them is nervous. Her friends practise with her until she is brave and ready to fly. ‘Like the cool sea breeze, her friends blow away her doubt.’ Hurray for friendship and for the courage to get up again!

The Great Storm Whale by Benji Davies

Grandma tells Noi a story about a storm that destroyed a little girl’s home. And how, bit by bit, things from her old home began to turn up on the beach. Who has been bringing them to her? A tale of family, history and connection to nature.

The Power of One by Trudy Ludwig and Mike Curato

Small acts of kindness make a big difference; a good listener, a shy smile, a caring friend, a sincere apology or a warm hug.
‘One thoughtful idea can bring a community together.’ It all starts with… one act.

New to list January ’24

If I Were Prime Minister by Trygve Skaug and Ella Okstad

What would you do if you were prime minister? This child would buy ice cream for everyone and have cars powered by legs. Anyone who wanted a dog, could have one. Anyone who wanted a friend could have at least two. A funny, lively tale and a great stimulus for writing in Year 2+.

Word Trouble by Vyara Boyadjieva

Ronnie moves to a new country and learns to speak the language. At first, it’s hard. Soon, he starts to collect more and more words and more and more friends! A wonderful book for the early years, exploring the delight and challenge of starting school when you’re learning English.

New to list January ’24

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