The Journey by Francesca Sanna

A family’s life changes forever when a war begins. They say goodbye to everyone they know and leave for a new country. When they reach the border, they are told to go back by an angry guard. Finally they take a boat, many trains. What are they looking for? Safety. A home.

New to list May ’24

Keep Smiling by Floella Benjamin and Diane Ewen

Vina loves to smile. When she starts school, she feels scared and her usual smile fades. A little boy gives her ‘a small nervous smile, as gentle as a mouse’. She collects all the smiles people share with her throughout the day. When she gets home, her smile is back. A smile is a superpower!

New to list May ’24

Our Nipa Hut by Rachell Abalos and Gabriela Larios

Yelena and papa live in a nipa hut; a Filipino house built on stilts. The hut is part of their family. When a storm comes (and they come more often these days), the hut shudders and flinches. ’The wind is strong, but together, Yelena, papa and the nipa hut are stronger’.

New to list May ’24

Now We’re Together by Nicola Edwards and Jenny Bloomfield

This beautiful story encourages us to get off our phones; stop ’tap-tapping away’. And what adventures we can have! ‘We dance and we swish and we swirl and we run, and no one’s recording, we’re just having fun’. We notice colours, light and nature and of course… each other. A book to inspire us all.

New to list May ’24

The Queen Next Door by Marcela Ferreira and Sally Agar

There was once a queen who was happy and loved. Until… a new queen moves next door. The first queen becomes angry; she wants a throne like the new queen has! Her people try to please her but she remains cross. Will the queen return to her fair, friendly and kind self? A modern day fairy tale; perfect for Reception.

New to list May ’24

Geoffrey Gets the Jitters by Nadia Shireen

Geoffrey sometimes worries and feels as if his tummy is full of wiggly worms. He feels so bad in fact, he just wants to hide. How can he stop feeling so jittery? How about a deep breath and a stretch? Yes, that helps! It’s normal to worry but we can help ourselves feel better. Perfect for Reception.

Dadaji’s Paintbrush by Rashmi Sirdeshpande and Ruchi Mhasane

A little boy and his grandfather love to paint. When grandfather dies, the boy stops painting. He is just too sad. A little girl asks him to teach her to paint. Together, they discover the joy of colour and soon the other village children join in too. ‘Grandfather will always be with him’.

Islandborn by Junot Diaz and Leo Espinosa

Lola left the Island as a baby. Her teacher asks the class to draw a picture of where they are from, so Lola asks her community for memories. She hears of mangoes, music and dolphins. Also a scary monster; a hurricane. She may have left the island but she still belongs.

Cloud Babies by Eoin Colfer and Chris Judge

Erin has a wonderful imagination and sees cloud babies in the sky. She becomes ill and spends lots of time in hospital. Her cloud babies help her and other children. Going back to school is hard; she misses her school friends on hospital days and her hospital friends on school ones. What will Erin’s parents and teachers do to help her?

To the Other Side by Erika Meza

Two young refugee children leave home in search of safety. The journey is long and tiring and involves lots of waiting. They try and make it fun but sometimes… it isn’t. Finally they reach a new home where they can grow roots; where they will feel safe.

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