My Bindhi by Gita Varadarajan

It is an important moment in Divya’s life; time to wear a bindhi. She is nervous about what her school friends might say and is ‘all mixed up’. Is she scared or is she proud? She bravely stands up in class and explains, ‘it can see inside me and protect me. It makes me feel like ME’.

New to list September ’23

Finn’s Little Fibs by Tom Percival

Finn loves visiting his beloved grandmother more than anything. One day, he finds himself telling her a little fib. The fib grows; he feels sad and his tummy feels strange. In fact, he feels awful. He takes a big step and tells her the truth. And guess what? He feels so much lighter. A book about honesty.

New to list September ’23

Small’s Big Dream by Manjeet Mann

Small is… well, small. Her shoes, her bed, her everything. But her dreams are big! She dreams of ‘scaling the largest mountain, sailing across the oceans, shooting off into space’. Despite people telling her to keep her head down, she reaches for the sky. Dream big and anything can happen.

New to list September ’23

Saving Mr Hoot by Helen Stephens

Mr Hoot, the owl, lives in a tree by Ben’s house. Nobody believes that an owl lives there and grown-ups want to chop the tree down. Will Ben manage to stop the tree felling and why is it important to save our trees? A charming book for Reception about nature, family and community.

New to list September ’23

Faruq and the Wiri Wiri by Sophia Payne

Faruq’s granny loves to cook. He wants to be a chef when he grows up, not a doctor like his dad. ‘Why can’t boys learn to cook?’ he wonders. One day, he prepares a fabulous feast for his family with the wiri wiri pepper. What could be more joyful? For everyone! A true celebration!

New to list September ’23

The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancet- Grant

Billy’s two mums like sea shanties, dancing jigs and anything to do with the sea. Billy wishes they could be like normal families. One day however, on a school boat trip, his mums save the day and Billy couldn’t be prouder of his pirate mums.

Two Places to Call Home by Phil Earle

When Florrie’s mum and dad separate, she lives in two different houses. She finds it hard. Mum and dad both help her feel brave. And when dad is finding it hard too, Florrie knows what to do.
In the end, Florrie loves both her homes. There are lots of ways of being a family.

The Extraordinary Gardener by Sam Boughton

Jo lives in a grey world and has a wondrous imagination. One day, he decides to plant a tiny seed. The seed turns into a plant and he decides to grow all sort of other things, in all sorts of new places. Jo turns the ordinary… extraordinary.

See unit in Talk Through Stories

If all the world were… by Joseph Coelho

A stunningly illustrated book about the love between a little girl and her grandad. When he passes away, she has a ‘kaleidoscope of memories’ that she writes and draws. A book to explore families, love and loss.

Speak Up! by Nathan Bryon

Rocket loves going to the library. When she finds out it will close, she decides to speak up. This little girl has a lot to say. She rallies her friends to have a peaceful protest – ‘like Rosa Parks did!’ A story full of energy, the power of using our voices and the importance of… books.