The aim of the handwriting lesson plans (in the Read Write Inc. Phonics handbooks and online) is to develop children’s handwriting until it is speedy and automatic.

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Daily practice leads to a confident handwriting style. Using mnemonic phrases and pictures, children build an accurate mind-picture of each letter and join before they put pencil to paper. The teaching tips, provided at every stage of handwriting, encourage children to transfer each new skill into their own writing.

Once the cycle of demonstration, practice and review is established, lessons are easy and enjoyable to teach.

How is it organised?

5 to 8-year-old children

10 minutes a day

Taught by teacher

Up to 30 in a group


Handwriting is a one-day training available in-school for up to 45 staff. We also offer a condensed half-day option.

For training, call 01275 331 230 or email us at

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Handwriting training is matched closely to Years R to 3 handwriting requirements

Frequently asked questions

What is the training content and timings?

Handwriting training will show you how to:

-        Use mnemonics to help letter formation, orientation and relative position

-        Teach the letter joins in two easy steps

-        Develop speedy and fluent writing

-        Adopt a 10-minute routine of demonstration, practice and review

-        Ensure children transfer handwriting skills to independent work


Timings: 9am to 3.15pm

Do we need to use Read Write Inc. Phonics to book Handwriting?

No, schools that do not use Read Write Inc. Phonics can still book Handwriting training for their staff.

Are there any resources I can buy for Handwriting?

There are no workbooks as we do not want children to simply copy but to practise and learn each letter by heart with memorable characteristics. There is a handwriting lesson plan example in the Read Write Inc. Phonics handbook – the lesson plan is the same for each letter.

How are the children grouped for teaching?

Children are taught in their normal classes.

What handwriting style is used on the training?

We teach Nelson, casual cursive style. We initially teach children to write the letters with emphasis on the beginning of joins. From Year 1, children begin to join the letters.

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