Read Write Inc. Comprehension is a 14-week programme that develops children’s fluency and comprehension – the ideal next step for children who have completed Read Write Inc. Phonics.


The Comprehension programme provides a transition from Read Write Inc. Phonics to Literacy and Language.

It comprises 14 weekly Modules. Each Module has specially written texts (one fiction and one non-fiction) that develop children’s ability to summarise, infer and retrieve information quickly, as well improving their writing through cumulative vocabulary, grammar and spelling activities.

It’s simple to teach – particularly if you’ve already taught Phonics – and the activities are pacey and engaging.

It provides strong preparation for those children who are about to study English using Literacy and Language (or take their SATs!).

How is it organised?

6 and 7-year-old children who have completed Phonics

1 hour lessons

Taught by teacher

Up to 30, if at a similar level of reading

Assessment in every activity

Read Write Inc. Comprehension matches the English National Curriculum

Frequently asked questions

Who is Read Write Inc. Comprehension for?

Read Write Inc. Comprehension follows on from Read Write Inc. Phonics for children in Year 2, and can be used as a transition to Literacy and Language.

Teachers trained on Read Write Inc. Phonics who have taught Blue or Grey Storybooks, will be able to teach Comprehension. Many of the activities follow similar routines to Phonics, but staff should follow the handbook carefully for the new ones.

How do I find out about how to teach Read Write Inc. Comprehension?

Ask your Consultant Trainer on your next Development Day. If you are already teaching Read Write Inc. Phonics, you will find it straightforward to teach Read Write Inc. Comprehension with the guidance in the handbook.

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