Ruth’s Update

This newsletter includes: New homepage on our School Portal, Fresh Start organisation in secondary schools, Time on the sounds, Top Tips for teaching Set 2 and Set 3 Speed Sounds lessons and Classroom in-action films.

Ruth’s Updates

This newsletter includes: success stories, ofsted reports, leadership training, APC films, Fresh Start in-action and VC films and Talk Through Stories.

Appleton Primary School, Hull

“Our 2021 Ofsted noted the success of our phonics programme and its contribution to our strong reading culture.”

White’s Wood Academy, Lincolnshire

School Inspection: Good
Previous Inspection: Requires Improvement
“Staff are trained well and use phonics resources well. Pupils are catching up with their reading.”

Staplegrove Church School, Somerset

School Inspection: Good
Previous Inspection: Good
“High-quality training for staff means they have good subject knowledge. Reading is taught with confidence and consistency.”