Read Write Inc. Model School leading the way in Cornwall

We know that if the children are confident and accurate readers, it enables them to enjoy books early and that’s what it’s all about… This works for us and our children are fluent readers by the age of 6. if not before

The expectations of the programme are high, and rightly so.

When I started at Waunceirch Primary School, phonics teaching involved bits and bobs from various different programmes and as a consequence, children weren’t learning to read. Across Years 2 – 6, 54% read at expected levels and 70% of children were scoring 84% or above in national tests – most were only on the boundary and weren’t secure. Our teaching was not giving the children the best foundations so it needed
to change.

All children progress – none get left behind

The training was brilliant; if you follow the simple steps, your children learn to read. It’s great to have a comprehensive programme to follow that guides staff and delivers excellent results.

London Borough of Newham narrows

Maryland Primary School started using Read Write Inc. in January 2003. We struggled with raising reading standards even with every available intervention – there were still non- readers by the end of Year 2 and alarmingly, into the junior years as well.

We are a part of the Read Write Inc. community.

As an international school, we adapt Read Write Inc. Phonics to fit our curriculum and timetables. This works well for us. The regular and consistent nature of Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons suits our children, many of whom have English as an additional language. As with most schools in Dubai, we often have new staff and children joining our school. Read Write Inc. ensures all new staff teach to a high standard and allows new children to settle easily into their class.

Ardler Primary becomes first Scottish Read Write Inc. Model School

Read Write Inc. Phonics was adopted by Dundee City Council to improve early phonics and reading. We continue to be enthused by the programme’s approach to learning and teaching. Staff found the training “engaging and effective” and it has helped build confidence. Development days ensure our practice is up to date and Ruth Miskin trainers are always keen to offer advice and support.

Read Write Inc. teaches children not only to read but to love reading.

We have been using Read Write Inc. for five years and haven’t looked back. We initially used a different phonics programme and it simply didn’t have the consistency or rigour we needed. At first, we didn’t embed it fully in our school, and though we saw some progress, it was nowhere near the progress we saw with full commitment.

The Northern Territory Project, Australia

Hayley Goldsworthy, our trainer, was so passionate about phonics and the differ- ence that it can make to children’s lives. The training was comprehensive and we re- ally appreciated the hands-on activities that gave us instant opportunities for practice.