Whirly Twirly Me by Manjeet Mann and Amanda Quarty

A girl wakes up feeling whirly and twirly; her stomach in a knot, she’s in a strop! Her favourite cereal runs out, a boy takes her favourite pencil. She’s angry but doesn’t know why. Mum helps her see that sometimes she might be sad, worried or nervous. Being whirly twirly is normal. Some days are like that…

New to list June ’24

The Ocean Gardener by Clara Anganuzzi

Ayla lives on a tiny island where her mum takes care of the coral reef. Sadly, the sea becomes too warm, the reef starts to fade and the fish disappear. Ayla and her mum decide to grow a coral nursery at home and plant it in the sea. Will the fish return? ‘Be patient; change doesn’t happen overnight’ says mum.

New to list June ’24

The Secret Elephant by Ellen Rankin

During a terrible war, a baby elephant in a zoo became scared of the bangs and flashes. Her keeper sneaks her home at night to comfort her. The elephant gets bigger… and bigger and soon the secret is out. What will become of her? Will she go back to the zoo? Will she be okay without her keeper?

New to list June ’24

The Ever-Changing Earth by Grahame Baker-Smith

A story that explores our changing planet. Find out how Earth was formed; how an asteroid fell millions of years ago; how dinosaurs once roamed; how the Earth changed from ‘a world of fire to a world of oceans’; how our planet is evolving, growing and creating new animals and plants. We are all connected; no matter where on earth we live.

New to list June ’24

Dim Sum Palace by X. Fang

Liddy is so excited about her trip to the Dim Sum Palace, she can’t sleep. Soon she finds herself in a real palace where chefs are making dumplings. Yum! She slips into the dumpling mix and soon finds she is a Liddy dumpling! What will happen to Liddy? Let’s hope nobody eats her…

New to list June ’24

Ruth’s Updates

We’re here to help our Read Write Inc. schools get every child reading. This round-up pulls together all the support we offer to help you teach children with SEND to read.

Ruth’s Updates

We’re here to help our Read Write Inc. schools in the run up to the PSC. This round-up pulls together our recommendations for the things that will make the biggest difference in Summer 1.

The Journey by Francesca Sanna

A family’s life changes forever when a war begins. They say goodbye to everyone they know and leave for a new country. When they reach the border, they are told to go back by an angry guard. Finally they take a boat, many trains. What are they looking for? Safety. A home.

Keep Smiling by Floella Benjamin and Diane Ewen

Vina loves to smile. When she starts school, she feels scared and her usual smile fades. A little boy gives her ‘a small nervous smile, as gentle as a mouse’. She collects all the smiles people share with her throughout the day. When she gets home, her smile is back. A smile is a superpower!

Our Nipa Hut by Rachell Abalos and Gabriela Larios

Yelena and papa live in a nipa hut; a Filipino house built on stilts. The hut is part of their family. When a storm comes (and they come more often these days), the hut shudders and flinches. ’The wind is strong, but together, Yelena, papa and the nipa hut are stronger’.

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