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Little Red by Bethan Woollvin

Some little girls are scared of wolves but not this little girl. Little Red is brave. Little Red is clever. Little Red will not be tricked by a silly wolf. A fabulous retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, perfect for Reception and Year 1 children.

Out of the Blue by Robert Tregoning and Stef Murphy

The child in this story feel sad and alone. Everything in the world is the colour blue; including the grass and he loves… yellow. Is it okay to love yellow? Will his dad still love him? ‘Life is like a rainbow – we all love different things.’ A story to celebrate individuality and diversity.

Grandad’s Camper by Harry Woodgate

Grandad and Gramps travelled the world in their camper van but sadly Gramps isn’t around anymore. The child in this story listens as Grandad remembers their joyful trips. Will Grandad take one more trip to the beach? Stunning illustrations and a powerful story of love and loss.

Princesses Break Free by Timothy Knapman and Jenny Lovlie

Princess Tilly is no ordinary princess. She doesn’t wait to be rescued and inspires other princesses to do the same. ‘For the first time, princesses everywhere were doing exactly what they’d always WANTED to do!’ Soon princes, witches and fairy godmothers join in the revolution!

I am Nefertiti by Annemarie Anang and Natelle Quek

Nefertiti’s grandma chose her name and she is proud of it. When Nefertiti plays drums with a band, her new music teacher shortens her name to “Nef’. Nefertiti feels her body shrink. Will she be able to play the drums when she feels this way? Our names matter.

Ruth’s Updates

This newsletter includes: Free Leadership training taster sessions, remember to upload and analyse your data, diversity and inclusion statement, New Assessment pictures for pupils who are non-verbal, countdown to the check, Blue and Grey longer words Speed Sounds lessons and classroom in-action films.

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