Ruth’s Blog: Recycle your carpets – 6 good reasons to disband ‘carpet’ areas in Key Stage 2

For children from Nursery to Year 2, carpet time helps the teacher bring children together. Teachers read stories, set their expectations for behaviour and teach from the carpet. By Year 3, I urge you to rethink. Here’s why.

1. Carpet sessions promote poor discussion.

The teacher and supporting adults can only listen and respond to children sitting near them. It makes it harder for teachers to select children with thoughtful responses following partner discussion

2. Carpet sessions disrupt effective teaching.

The carpet area takes up space near the board forcing tables further back. Some children can’t see the board easily for most of the lesson.

3. Carpet sessions limit writing opportunities.

Children can’t make notes or jot down ideas while they are sitting on the carpet. (Whiteboards are messy, time consuming and promote poor handwriting).

4. Carpet sessions waste time.

You can’t make a quick point from the board if children traipse to the carpet. Every time they move they’ve lost two minutes of lesson time.

5. Carpet sessions promote a sloppy attitude to learning.

Slumped posture causes sluggishness.

6. Carpet sessions contribute to poor posture.

Sitting cross-legged is very uncomfortable for many children.

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