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Read Write Inc. Implementation

Step 1: Leadership Implementation Meeting

Prepares the school leadership team and reading leader for On-site Training and successful, thoughtful implementation by creating a culture of trust and support. Sets up whole-school systems for assessment, data analysis, grouping, one-to-one tutoring, and coaching at your school.

Step 2: Two-day On-Site Training*

Our dynamic Consultant Trainers demonstrate the activities step-by-step, using footage of real lessons for up to 45 members of staff in-school:

  • Day 1: The phonic component of the program and one-to-one tutoring sessions.
  • Day 2: Reading with accuracy, fluency, comprehension and writing activities.

*Scheduling Day 1 and Day 2 of training four weeks apart is recommended. If your school is located over a day’s journey from NYC, booking both days consecutively is scheduled upon request.

Step 3: Ongoing Support - Development Days*

Ensures lessons and one-to-one tutoring sessions are taught effectively in your unique context. Supports your school leadership team, reading leader, teachers, and tutors with successful, thoughtful implementation of Read Write Inc. and whole school sustainable systems.  

*Scheduling an Initial Development Day in-between Day 1 and Day 2 of training is recommended. Remote support is also available.

Implementation Investment

Trial Subscription

'Meet Fred'

Come see what Ruth Miskin Literacy Inc. is all about!

Cost: $550* per person.  Send 3 people for the price of 2 when everyone attends the same public training.

*$550 discount when you sign up for a Year 1 Subscription after purchasing a 'Meet Fred' Trial Subscription

Cost is determined by number of staff members attending training. Email today for a quote and start your team's training and ongoing support.

Subsequent Years

'Stay Freddy'

Option 1

Option 2

  • 6 Development Days - 10% discount*
  • Access to the Online Portal (2 years)
  • Discounted public training for new teachers
  • 3 Development Days - 5% discount*
  • Access to the Online Portal (1 year)
  • Discounted public training for new teachers

Cost: $5,100

*All Development Days must be used within two years of the first Development Day.

Cost: $2,700

*All Development Days must be used within one year of the first Development Day.

Additional travel time and expenses added for schools outside of New York City.

Email us to discuss training and ongoing support for your school or call 774-404-2414

Ruth Miskin Literacy Inc. provides the training, Oxford University Press provides the resources via Amazon or OUP directly .  

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