Our mission is to teach every child to read – and keep them loving reading.

Ruth Miskin Literacy Inc provides radical, intensive training and ongoing professional development on Read Write Inc, to achieve this mission. Read Write Inc is a phonics based, comprehensive, Common Core-aligned literacy program. It is designed to get all students reading and writing by the end of first grade. 

We do this by:

  • Listening to your school and students’ needs 
  • Learning about your unique context 
  • Training every teacher to reach every child on our two-day training 
  • Supporting your team with implementation through ongoing, responsive 
  • Development Days

Read Write Inc. is currently teaching children aged 4-9 to read quickly and enjoyably in five states, 25% of schools in England, and hundreds more internationally. 

Want to learn more about Read Write Inc. Phonics?

Ready to implement Read Write Inc.?

Step 1: Pre-Training Development Day

Prepares the school leadership team and reading leader for On-site Training and successful implementation. Set up whole school systems for assessment, data analysis, grouping, personalized tutoring, and coaching at your school.

Step 2: Two-day On-site Training*

Train up to 45 members of staff in-school.

Day 1 The phonic component of the program and personalized tutoring sessions.

Day 2 Reading and writing activities.

*scheduling Day 1 and Day 2 of training four weeks apart is recommended. If your school over a day’s journey from NYC, booking Day 1 and 2 consecutively is scheduled upon request.

Step 3: Ongoing support – Development Days*

Ensures lessons and personalized tutoring sessions are taught effectively. Supports your school leadership team and reading leader with successful implementation of Read Write Inc and whole school systems.

*scheduling an Initial Development Day in-between Day 1 and Day 2 of training is recommended. Remote support is also available.

Email Colleen Somich to discuss training and ongoing support for your school or call 646.939.7271. 

Ruth Miskin Literacy Inc provides the training, Oxford University Press provides the resources via Amazon or OUP directly.

Click here for cost and more information about implementing Read Write Inc.