Our training for Reading Leaders and Headteachers ensures effective leadership of the Read Write Inc. Phonics and Read Write Inc. Fresh Start programmes. Using 'team practice sessions' and bite-sized action steps, you'll be confident that your school's management is on the road to Outstanding.

Reading Leader Training

We show you how to use assessment data to keep children working at their challenge level. You will also learn how to make the most of your CPD: how to set up weekly practice sessions, coach teachers and give feedback, and organise half-termly pupil progress meetings.

Please note: from September 2019, Reading Leader Training will be a one-day programme. If you have any questions regarding your booking, please contact us at admin@ruthmiskin.com or call on 01275 331 230.

How is it organised?

For Headteachers and Reading Leaders

To support lessons with five to eight-year-olds

Trained at a regional venue


Our dynamic trainers use teaching and assessment films to help you practise and prepare in your role as Reading Leader.

A one-day training for Reading Leaders and Headteachers leading Read Write Inc. Phonics and/or Fresh Start in their school. This training is usually booked after in-school training.

Book regional training at one of our venues across the country here.

Reading Leader Training Day One is now a separate training dedicated to individual tutoring. Find out more on the One-to-One tutoring page (coming soon).

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Frequently asked questions

What is the training content and timings?

-        Assessment

-        Grouping and tracking

-        Improving accurate word reading

-        Preparing for the Phonics Screening Check

-        Building speedy word reading

 -       Practice sessions and coaching

-        Pupil Progress meetings

-        Back-up plan

Timings: 9am to 4pm

Is this training for Reading Leaders only?

The training is designed for Reading Leaders and Headteachers or other SLT and helps ensure the leadership and implementation of Read Write Inc. is as effective as can be.

What happened to Reading Leader Day 1 and Day 2 trainings?

Reading Leader Day 1 has become One-to-One Tutoring Training, focused on helping reading teachers provide individual attention to the children who need it the most. 

Reading Leader Day 2 is now a one-day Reading Leader Training, aimed at giving Reading Leaders and headteachers the skills to become outstanding champions of Read Write Inc. Phonics and Fresh Start.

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