Phonics Fast Track Tutoring breaks our Phonics teaching into smaller steps to accelerate children's reading progress. It provides intensive targeted support to address specific gaps in a child's reading. Children are taught to read sounds, words and the matched decodable Read Write Inc. Storybooks.


The online training and tutoring packs have been written and developed by Ruth Miskin and ongoing training is provided by our expert trainers.

Tutors learn how to teach pupils to read letters, blend sounds into words and read matched ‘decodable’ stories. The online explanatory films, practice films and ‘in action’ films guide tutors through every part of the tutoring.

  • Remote two-hour bespoke introduction for up to five tutors
  • One year’s training subscription
  • Additional remote coaching is also available to help tutors teach individual children

Cost: £450 + VAT (for schools that don’t have our Online Training Subscription)

The two-hour training session can be booked directly via our head-office on

Sessions must be booked two weeks in advance. We will schedule a 15-minute pre-call with one of our trainers to discuss the training session agenda.

How is Phonics Fast Track Tutoring organised?

4 to 8-year-old children

20 minutes a day

Taught by tutors - teachers or TAs

 1 child taught at their challenge point

Half-termly assessment


As with all our programmes, Oxford University Press can provide information on the additional resources that can be purchased as part of the programme. Please visit their website for more information on the resources or contact your local representative.

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