Storytime and talk matter

Spoken language underpins all seven areas of learning and development in the revised 2021 Early Learning Goals.

The aim is to reduce the language gap between children from language-rich homes and those who are not.

These three things make the biggest difference to reduce the language gap:

1. Reading aloud

2. Teaching children poems and songs

3. Talking with children

Nursery children rely on read-a-lot, talk-a-lot, and sing-a-lot nurseries!

There are films to help you develop storytimes and teaching language comprehension on our School Portal.

Phonics for Nursery

In the last term of Nursery, children are taught to say the sounds of letters with the help of mnemonics, to blend the sounds into words and read simple ‘blending books’. This gives them a flying start before starting Reception, but does not teach the Storybook reading or writing activities.

How is Phonics for Nursery organised?

3 and 4-year-old children

2 storytimes a day and 15 minutes Phonics a day in last term

Taught by teachers and Nursery Nurses

6 to 8 children in a group

Half-termly phonic assessment


Our dynamic trainers demonstrate activities one step at a time, using footage of real lessons. They help you practise and prepare before teaching and use management strategies to engage children and speed up progress.

Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery is a one-day training for all nursery staff in schools, day or private nurseries and playgroups – either in-school for up to 45 staff (ideal for clusters and MATs) or as a regional training for smaller groups and individuals. The training is delivered with the Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery handbook and resources.

The one day face-to-face training for up to 45 staff (advised limit 30 during COVID-19) is £1100 + VAT.

For in-school training, email us at

Nursery online training subscription coming in Spring term. This will also be included on our Online Training Subscription.

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As nurseries start using Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery from the Summer term, we will now be running the Phonics for Nursery Remote Regional Training from the second part of the Spring term only, so that individuals have time to receive the training before implementing it in schools.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the training content and timings?

Training content:
- Understanding phonics
- Name the pictures
- Speed Sounds Set 1
- Fred Talk (oral blending)
- Word Time lessons – reading and spelling
- Sound blending books
- Handwriting
Session 4: Senior Leadership Team meeting (assessment, grouping, implementation and support)


Timings: 9am to 3.30pm

What is the difference between Read Write Inc. Phonics and Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery?

Both trainings are based on our Read Write Inc. Phonics programme and include the same teaching principles. 

Our standard Read Write Inc. Phonics training is suitable for those teaching Reception to Year 4.

Phonics for Nursery training is a version of the Phonics training suitable for Nursery staff. It teaches Set 1 Sounds and how to blend sounds to read words but does not teach the reading or writing activities. Please see the training content for Nursery for more information. There is a separate Phonics for Nursery handbook and simple resources.

Who is the training suitable for?

Phonics for Nursery training is only appropriate for Nursery teachers and staff. Those teaching in Reception and above should attend the 2-day Phonics training.

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