Support struggling readers across the curriculum. 

Students who are still not reading accurately, fluently, and with good comprehension at secondary school are at a huge educational disadvantage. Action must be immediate and effective.

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Cracking the Code

This training shows you how to support struggling readers in secondary schools. We explain why so many children have failed to become fluent readers, and what can be done to rescue them.

We show you how to help poor readers crack the English alphabetic code and improve their reading accuracy and fluency.

How is it organised?

Secondary pupils

Across the curriculum

Used by secondary teacher – any subject

Up to 30 in a group


Cracking the Code is a half-day in-school training for up to 45 staff from secondary schools.

Book a full day and train up to 90 staff.

For in-school training, call 01275 331 230 or email us at

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Frequently asked questions

What is the training content and timings?

  • A-S-K (accuracy, speed and knowledge). What does it mean to be literate?
  • Overview of Fresh Start
  • Cracking the English alphabetic code
  • Five strategies for teachers to support students in any lesson
  • What not to do
  • What you can do

Timings:1 half-day session (am or pm). Available as a half-day training or two half-day courses on one day.

Who is the training for?

The half-day training session is for up to 45 secondary school staff. The training is designed to show teachers how they can support students with literacy issues in all lessons.

Do we need to use Read Write Inc. Fresh Start to be trained in Cracking the Code?

No – Cracking the Code is for secondary school staff who won’t be directly teaching Fresh Start or schools who are not teaching Fresh Start. It supports staff to use our methods of teaching phonics and spelling within their own subject lessons.

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