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Watch this video to find out if Read Write Inc. is right for your school:

An Introduction to Read Write Inc.

Online Training Subscription

What are the benefits of the Blended Training Package?

- Staff can access all our latest training films – more are added to the subscription throughout the year
- Schools can start online training at any time (they don’t need to wait until their next INSET day)
- All staff can access training throughout the year in bite-size chunks to practise, revisit and prepare for teaching new groups
- Schools can send home the right YouTube films matched to the sounds they are learning in school

Our school already uses Read Write Inc., do we need to book support from trainers?

Yes. Trainers make the biggest difference to children’s progress, even in our very established schools. We do, however, offer a reduced package that includes the Online Training subscription with a one-hour remote session – to help you make the best use of the films – and one (or more) Development Days.

Can the Virtual Classroom (i.e. YouTube lesson films) be booked on its own?

No. Our Virtual Classroom is one part of the Online Training subscription. Read Write Inc. Phonics is a full comprehensive literacy programme: its strength lies in its application of our phonics lessons to reading and writing. To make the Virtual Classroom films available separately would be like selling a car with an ignition and no engine!

I am a parent/carer, what support can I access?

Please visit this page for more information about the support we offer parents and carers.

We are an international school – can we book the Blended Training package?

Yes – international schools can book the Blended Training package. Please visit this page or contact for more information.

If we opt for the Blended Training Package with the Online Training Subscription, do we still need a face-to-face training day?

This depends on how familiar your school is with Read Write Inc. We do recommend that new schools book at least one face-to-face training day.

Our trainers are skilled at galvanizing leaders and teachers to put the teaching of reading at the heart of the school. They also set up the necessary habits for practice and coaching.

Is the Blended Training package (including the Online Training Subscription) suitable for schools with SEND children?

Yes. The trainer will discuss tailoring activities to meet the needs of all children. The subscription comes with access to Special School practice films, and schools can also choose to book a bespoke face-to-face training day.

Is there any difference in content between the 2-day face-to-face Phonics training and the online training?

There is no difference. The subscription includes both Day 1 (Speed Sounds lessons) and Day 2 (Storybook lessons) of training, plus additional films for continued professional development. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the training content and timings?

Day 1 content:

  • Speed Sounds Set 1
  • Word Time Lessons - reading and spelling
  • Speed Sounds Sets 2 and 3
  • Senior Leadership Team meeting (assessment, grouping, implementation and support)

Timings: 9am to 3.45pm

Day 2 content:

  • Reading activities – reading to build accuracy, speed and comprehension
  • Writing activities – spelling words, writing sentences and writing composition
  • Read Write Inc. Phonics timetables

Timings: 9am to 3.30pm

Which children is Read Write Inc. Phonics for?

The programme is designed for Reception to Year 2 children as the main EYFS and KS1 early reading programme and can be taught as an intervention for children in Years 3 and 4. Read Write Inc. Fresh Start is our phonics programme with more age appropriate resources for older children in Years 5,6,7 and 8.

Who is the training suitable for?

Training is suitable for any member of staff who will be teaching, or leading the teaching of, Read Write Inc. Phonics from Reception to Year 6, including the Senior Leadership Team, teachers, and teaching assistants.

What is the difference between Read Write Inc. Phonics and Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery?

Both trainings are based on our Read Write Inc. Phonics programme and include the same teaching principles. 

Our standard Read Write Inc. Phonics training is suitable for those teaching Reception to Year 4.

Phonics for Nursery training is a version of the Phonics training suitable for Nursery staff. It teaches Set 1 Sounds and how to blend sounds to read words but does not teach the reading or writing activities. Please see the training content for Nursery for more information. There is a separate Phonics for Nursery handbook and simple resources.

How many people can be trained in my school?

In-school Training is for up to 45 members of staff. If you need to train more than this, please book more than one trainer. For individual staff members, or groups of fewer than 10, you may want to book onto Regional Training.

Is Phonics appropriate for SEN schools?

Read Write Inc. Phonics is appropriate for special schools or SEN units in mainstream schools. There is no difference in the resources, but the training videos are filmed in SEN schools, and the trainer will discuss tailoring activities to meet the needs of all students.

Is the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme appropriate for teaching EAL children?

Children learning English as an additional language make speedy progress when learning to read with Read Write Inc. Phonics. Ruth developed the programme at a school where all children were second language learners. Children are grouped according to their reading progress and re-assessed every half term – they learn sounds and practise reading every day at exactly the right level.

I like to be creative when I’m teaching – is RWI Phonics prescriptive?

Read Write Inc. Phonics is a structured programme – designed to ensure all children learn to read accurately and fluently. Comprehensive planning is provided for teachers so they can channel their energy and creativity into teaching fun and engaging lessons.

Does this programme link to the National Curriculum?

Yes, Read Write Inc. Phonics is fully matched to the National Curriculum and new EYFS Framework. Alongside teaching the programme, teachers read poetry and stories to their children every day too.


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