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Ruth's Updates

This newsletter includes:How to renew your OTS, no need for regional training, Trainer recruitment, PSC success checklist, FS assessment and linked resources.

Ruth's Updates

This newsletter includes: New quizzes on the RWI eBook Library Subscription, Reception assessment, no child left behind and DfE guidance.

Ruth's Updates

This newsletter includes: Read Write Inc. half-termly assessment and Keep Children Reading.

Fluency from Yellow Storybooks

This newsletter features: new EYFS curriculum, fluency from Yellow Storybooks and career opportunities.

Books to go home

This newsletter features: storybooks, assessment, afternoon Speed Sound lesson, Speed Group C onto Ditties

Countdown on digraphs

This newsletter features: Y1 Phonics assessment, "Special Friends, Fred Talk" mantra, analysis, actions to score 25+ and Screening Check events.

PSC success

This newsletter features: assessment, blending, book bands, progress chart and children with speech difficulties.

School Portal videos and more

This newsletter features: subscription films, SOS children, Carousel Four, tutoring films, assessments online and Speed Sound slideshow.

New look Ruth Miskin Newsletter

This newsletter features: stop failure from day one, Y1 Phonics assessment, Early Learning Goals, TLIF recruitment and grouping.

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