Enjoy handwriting, love writing

Confident and speedy handwriting is key to how children perceive themselves as writers. The easier it is for them to write, the more effort they can put into what they want to say. Ruth Miskin’s Handwriting Training for all primary teaching staff provides you with clear and structured guidance to help all children have fast, legible writing in 10 minutes a day. The steps are simple and few resources are needed.

Our Handwriting Training will show you how to:

  • Use lively mnemonics to help letter formation, orientation and relative position
  • Teach the letter joins in two easy steps
  • Develop speedy and fluent writing
  • Adopt a 10-minute routine of demonstration, practice and review
  • Ensure children transfer handwriting skills to independent work.



Whole-school Training

Cost: £1100 plus VAT

One-day whole-school training for up to 45 members of staff. To book or for more information on whole-school training options, phone 01275 331 230 or e-mail admin@ruthmiskin.com.

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