Know the rules, inspire your writers

Suitable for teachers of KS1 - KS3

Adult-level training courses enable your staff to explain grammatical terms to children using simple techniques with clarity and confidence.

We use fast-paced and engaging activities to:

  • Explain the grammar from the KS1 to KS3 national curriculum
  • Give you the confidence to teach grammar in any lesson
  • Bring the English language alive.

Grammar Part 1 

Our training uses fast-paced ‘adult level’ activities to ensure staff have a strong foundation in the basic grammar terminology of the national curriculum. We show you how to prepare for the first Key Stage 1 grammar assessments in 2016. The training includes:

  • The four functions of sentences
  • Phrases and clauses
  • Conjunctions
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Determiners: articles
  • Nouns and noun phrases
  • Verbs: simple and progressive tense 
  • Punctuation: contractions, apostrophes, inverted commas.

View Grammar Part 2 here


Whole-school Training

Cost: £1100 plus VAT

One-day whole-school training for up to 45 members of staff. To book or for more information on whole-school training options, phone 01275 331 230 or e-mail

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