We have now recruited all schools for Wave 1, and have opened recruitment for Wave 2, with training dates available for 36 schools starting September 2018.

Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (TLIF):
Funded PD Offer to Ofsted Category 3 and 4 Schools

Be one of 72 schools to participate in a two-year fully-funded professional development and leadership programme. The programme will focus on the teaching of phonics and early reading and writing with Read Write Inc. Phonics. Download a PDF of the full offer details.

The government is committed to raising life chances for every child - regardless of background. The focus for TLIF funding includes the 12 Opportunity Areas and Category 5/6 areas - all with a legacy of educational challenge. The aim is to drive social mobility through education.

This programme is offered in conjunction with The Department for Education's Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (TLIF). For more information from the Department of Education, click here.

To read a press release from the DfE about the Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund, click here.

Read through the information below. If you think your school would benefit from this project, click here to register your interest.

Our Offer

The two-year CPD programme includes:

All funded by TLIF - normal cost £14,700.

What CPD will my school receive as part of the project?


Eligible schools should be Ofsted ‘Requires Improvement’ or below and in:

1. Opportunity Areas - Blackpool, Derby, Norwich, Ipswich, Oldham, the North Yorkshire Coast, West Somerset, Bradford, Doncaster, Fenland and East Cambridgeshire, Hastings, Stoke-on-Trent
2. Priority Areas surrounding the Opportunity Areas
3. Other Priority Areas in England.

Schools in 'RI' or below that are not in an Opportunity or Priority Area should call our office on 01275 331 230 to discuss eligibility.

Eligible schools must not have had in-school Read Write Inc. Phonics Training or Development Days in the last two years. Schools will be required to purchase Read Write Inc. Phonics resources.

Click here to view the full list of Category 5 and 6 Priority Areas.

The first 36 schools started the programme in Autumn 2017, and the second wave will begin in September 2018.

To read the full Application Requirements, click here.

What are the objectives of the Ruth Miskin Training programme?

The fully-funded programme will:

  • Provide a sustainable leadership model of ongoing professional development for middle leaders and headteachers 
  • Enable middle leaders to establish effective weekly coaching systems to include practice, observation and feedback to increase teacher effectiveness 
  • Help build a data-driven culture in school to ensure all children make the best possible progress in reading  
  • Increase teachers’ knowledge of the teaching of phonics and early reading and writing, and ensure lessons are well-matched, effective and engaging 
  • Raise standards in literacy for Key Stage 1 pupils and pupils in Key Stage 2 not yet meeting expected standards.

What about the cost of resources?

OUP are providing a 30% discount for participating schools.

The EEF rates Phonics as a low-cost use of Pupil Premium (PP) funding with a very secure evidence base. Read Write Inc. Phonics fits a number of other EEF suggested uses of PP funding, e.g. small group tuition, oral language intervention, behaviour intervention, feedback.

How can I find out more before applying?