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Feedback for Ruth Miskin Literacy Inc.


"Ruth Miskin Literacy is awesome! I have been in education for 14 years and I am so glad to have finally found a program that kids love and that I love to teach. I was introduced to Read Write Inc. and our skilled, dynamic trainer, Colleen Somich, at a conference in February 2016 and I knew I wanted to bring them both to our school.

"ALC Cottonwood is a play-based, self-directed learning environment for kids ages 3-7 and Read Write Inc. fits right in. The program is agile and engaging and has captured the interest of the kids in our school. Everyday, our 5-7 year old students choose to participate in the reading lessons and are excited to have books they can read independently. Their love of learning to read is the only data point I need, however, they have each made significant gains since we started the program in September 2016. They could all read by December. Read Write Inc. works!"

Sara Casey Taleff, Principal, Cottonwood Cooperative, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

"I loved gaining immediate hands-on knowledge through practice."

Teacher, Cottonwood Cooperative, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

"Read Write Inc. has the smartest scope and sequence of any phonics based literacy program I have ever encountered. In my practice, I often choose strategies and materials from Read Write Inc. over traditional Orton-Gillingham based programs. The storybooks delight my students every day. I highly encourage teachers and school leaders to check out what Ruth Miskin has to offer! They are a great organization on a wonderful mission to bring smiles to phonics learning!"

Marylen Massen, M.S. Reading and Literacy Specialist, New York City, NY

"We saw big impact on pupil progress within two weeks. Children enjoy the lessons and parents are happy that their children are learning to read and write. Parents enjoy the confidence that they gain by knowing that what we are teaching is tried, tested, and successful in so many schools around the world."

Katie Benson, Reading Leader, British International School of Washington, DC

"Ruth Miskin Literacy Inc’s training is different from other professional development I’ve received in every respect. It is high quality, rigorous, engaging, memorable, and above all, inspiring! Best training I’ve had in many years!”

Kelvin Ford, Teacher, Abbots Creek Elementary School, Raleigh, NC

"Our staff is so excited to be highly aligned in this work. We want all of our kiddos to be readers and we are jazzed to make it happen now that we have this "toolbox" with which to do so."

Jamie Stewart, Head of Alt School East Village Campus, NY

"I really enjoyed the focus on participation and engagement. The fact that this program highly recognizes different learning needs and allows for personalization to help all children read makes it very unique.”

Yalta Heshmati, Personalization Lead, Alt School East Village Campus, NY

"This was excellent!"
"Attainable and very engaging.  Practice was a great addition too."
"The training was amazing!"
"I am so excited to have all of our classes use this."

Teachers at Alt School East Village and Brooklyn Heights, NY

"Very meaningful, thorough, and practical."
"The training was fabulous!"
"It makes so much sense!"

Teachers at Le Jardin Academy, Kailua, HI

"Read Write Inc. is very practical, do-able, and kid-friendly. It jumps right into independence for the kids!”

Dylan Glanzer, K Teacher Fellow, Basis Independent School Manhattan, NY


Central America

"Read Write Inc. has transformed the reading standards of our children, who, for the most part, use English as a second language. Our children are completely engaged by Read Write Inc. and thoroughly enjoy taking part in phonics sessions. They are now confident and happy readers. I have no hesitation when recommending RWI to any school wishing to drive reading and writing standards upwards.

"A significant factor when evaluating the high levels of engagement and excitement our children feel during phonics sessions, has to be the guidance and support offered to teachers by RWI trainer, Colleen Somich. She trained our staff sensitively, positively and expertly. Throughout the training sessions, her enthusiasm shone through. Consequently our staff felt relaxed, positive and ready to get involved in phonics. The children at our school were the real winners."

Charles Kelly, Principal of Lower School, The Edron Academy, Mexico City, Mexico

Click here to learn about the impact Read Write Inc. is already having at The Edron.



"I cannot express to you in words how grateful I am to have had you come to the NT and present Read Write Inc. I am forever changed as a teacher because of you! The feedback on the sessions has been incredible! Thank you so much."

Jasmin Shannon, Early Years Literacy Consultant, Department of Education, Northern Territory Government, Australia

"Colleen, it has been wonderful working with such a professional and excited-to-teach person. Thank you for being so open to trying new things with us. Your flexibility and willingness to deal with all the quirks of teaching both remotely and with remote people has been such a wonderful thing especially for our teachers who so often feel out of the loop. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

"The early results of the schools using RWI are already showing some lovely surprises in the quick skill development of the students, and that’s a really big deal here. You helped make that happen and we really appreciate that you gave so much time and heart to our staff and students."

Julie Esson, Training Developer, Department of Education, Northern Territory Government, Australia


Feedback from parents

"Colleen is an engaging, dynamic teacher. She wholeheartedly believes in her process of teaching and techniques and the children adore her. They often don't even realize they are learning to read because they are so engaged."

A. Kiener, Parent, Brooklyn, NY

"Colleen is the most incredible, kind and patient teacher. When she is working with my son it is like watching him with a friend he truly adores. Colleen is able to relate to her students on a level that is extraordinary, and it makes you feel immediately comfortable in her presence."

K. Reynolds, Parent, Brooklyn, NY

"Read Write Inc. has been an integral and amazing part of my daughter's reading journey. Since she has Dyslexia, standard reading programs just didn't work and left her feeling frustrated and defeated. After attending the workshops, I have been supplementing her at home with Read Write Inc. Phonics. As a parent, the program is easy to understand and implement. In a few short months, my daughter has gone from not having any understanding of phonics to sounding out words and reading. The most amazing change has been her confidence in knowing she can read and her new found love for reading. Thank you Colleen for all of your help and support!"

M. Stewart, Parent, Philadelphia, PA