Ruth Miskin Literacy Inc.

Ruth Miskin Training is now supporting teachers and students in the USA! 

Our mission is to teach every child to read and keep them reading. We do this by:

  • Listening to your school and students’ needs
  • Learning about your unique context
  • Training every teacher to reach every child
  • Supporting your team with implementation in an on-going responsive and rigorous approach.

You’ll have 30 teachers in every class after our training and on-going support.

Why not learn more about Read Write Inc. by watching this short film?

View our correlation chart that shows how Read Write Inc. aligns with the Common Core.

Learn about the impact Read Write Inc. is already having at The Edron in Mexico City, Mexico.

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We’d love to hear how we can help every child at your school.

Colleen Somich, our Head of Training America, will help you get started today - get in touch with her by e-mailing or calling 646-939-7271.


Feedback from schools:

"We saw big impact on pupil progress within two weeks. Children enjoy the lessons and parents are happy that their children are learning to read and write. Parents enjoy the confidence that they gain by knowing that what we are teaching is tried, tested, and successful in so many schools around the world."

Katie Benson, Reading Leader, British International School, Washington DC

"Read Write Inc. is awesome! I have been in education for 14 years and I am so glad to have finally found a program that kids love and that I love to teach."

Sara Casey Taleff, Principal, ALC Cottonwood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

"I loved gaining immediate hands-on knowledge through practice."

Teacher, ALC Cottonwood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York