Stories to link Read Write Inc. Phonics Storybooks

Many of our teachers read stories from ‘real books' to children before they read their Read Write Inc. Phonic Storybooks. These stories extend children’s knowledge of the topic in the forthcoming story and  - more importantly - encourage children to enjoy a great story.

This ensures that we:

  • foster a love of stories and story language

  • introduce linked key vocabulary that can be fed into the teaching of writing

  • make links with previous real-life experience and other stories

  • motivate children to want to read themselves

  • provide a model of a storyteller's voice

  • bring the books alive - characters and places become real.Ruth and the team have chosen their favourite books to link to each Read Write Inc. Phonics Storybook. Each Phonics Storybook has a number choices.

Ruth has chosen her favourite titles and these have been made into a 'bundle' for each colour level.

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