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An announcement from Ruth

I’m really excited to tell you about our brand new 2016 edition of Read Write Inc. Phonics, which will be available to schools in September. It’s a delight to bring together the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from working in 4,000 schools over 10 years.
As you know, we never stand still. We are always looking for ways to improve our practice so all your children learn to read and write quickly and enjoyably. And, although Read Write Inc. already meets the high expectations of the new National Curriculum, we’ve raised the bar even higher and included the grammar children are expected to know.
We’ve also developed the Phonics training so that teachers can make the most of these wonderful new resources.
Best wishes,

What's new about Read Write Inc. Phonics 2016?


Handbooks 1 and 2

Handbook 1 contains everything you need to teach Red to Orange lessons. Handbook 2 contains everything for Yellow to Grey (You’ll only need one handbook at a time!).

Reading Leader Handbook

Provides the reading leader with:

  • Advice on how to build a strong team of reading teachers
  • Constructive guidance for day-to-day coaching and monitoring
  • Detailed assessment, grouping and tracking systems to ensure children complete the programme quickly
  • One-to-one tutoring plans.


Online Resources

Teaching Files for Phonics


  • Printable assessments
  • Grouping and tracking grids
  • Extensive guidance on teaching handwriting
  • One-to-one tutoring support
  • A nonsense word bank for assessment.

Storytime and Poetry Time


  • A canon of beautiful traditional tales, fairy stories and poems with compelling narratives and refrains to read aloud to your class outside of phonics lessons
  • Guidance to develop children’s language comprehension, vocabulary, speaking and listening through discussion and roleplay
  • Printable versions of the stories and poems for to be read aloud to children at home.


Teaching sounds and words

Desktop Speed Sounds Chart

Provides a quick reference for children while they write. Set 1 Speed Sounds on one side and Sets 2 and 3 on the reverse.

My Set 1 Speed Sounds Book and My Sets 2 and 3 Speed Sounds Book


  • Extra practice for children to read and write the sounds at home
  • The alphabet mnemonic and handwriting phrases.

Phonics Green and Red Word Cards

Words are printed with dots and dashes on one side and without on the reverse to help children gain fluency when reading the words independently.



Colour Storybooks


  • A fresh new design and font
  • New pages to develop automatic word reading: Green words are split into ‘Story Green Words’ (specific to the story) and ‘Speedy Green Words’ (high frequency green words)
  • ‘Red Word’ grids to give children practice reading red words from both current and previous stories.

Black and White Storybooks


  • The same new fresh design and font used in the colour storybooks
  • Red ditty books for extra practice at home
  • New guidance to parents for reading at home.



Get Writing! Books


  • New detailed guidance on teaching all of the grammar for year 1 and year 2 of the National Curriculum through focused Grammar activities
  • Guidance on teaching vocabulary and synonyms in dedicated vocabulary activities
  • A new 6 step writing process from rehearsing sentences to writing extended compositions.


Where can I find out more?

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