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Competition: Find more Sylvies!

UPDATE: We have extended the deadline of this competition to Friday 24th July. The winners will be announced at the beginning of the coming Autumn term. Click here to view the most recent article.

Would your school like to make a 'sound pronunciation guide'?

We're looking for schools based in:

  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • North-East England

Winning schools will receive a book bundle worth £300 and the name of the child and school in the end credits.

Winning films will mirror the original ‘Sound Pronunciation Guide’ video.


  • One child shot against a white background
  • Medium shot
  • Child to look directly into the lens
  • All Set 1 and 2 sounds plus 'ure', 'ear' and 'ire' from Set 3
  • Sounds pronounced clearly in the order they appear on the simple sounds chart
  • Child to say 'these are the set 1 sounds', 'these are the stretchy sounds', 'these are the bouncy sounds',  'these are the Set 2 sounds', 'these are the long vowels', 'these are the last set 3 sounds to learn'
  • Child to hold up the A4 Sound cards as they say the sounds.

The film should be:

  • Shot with an iPad or similar (720p HD video- 1280x720 resolution) and must be secured on a tripod or similar
  • The raw footage – no editing necessary.

With no:

  • Written titles
  • Background music
  • Background noise.

Any child appearing in the film must have written consent from a parent. Contact for the Ruth Miskin Training model release form.

A link from cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Box, iCloud etc. should be sent to by 24 July.