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Disadvantaged primary pupils close the gap

The BBC report that more disadvantaged children are entering secondary with age expected levels of attainment. Two-thirds of pupils (67%) on free school meals gained a Level 4 in reading, writing and maths this year - up four percentage points on 2013. This compares with 83% for non-disadvantaged pupils, reducing the attainment gap to 16 percentage points.

The report lists attainment of disadvantaged children by Local Authority. Near the top of the list with 81% of disadvantaged children achieving expected results are Newham. Many of Newham’s schools implemented Read Write Inc. Phonics many years ago and can see the impact on their older pupils.

Elmhurst, whole-school Phonic trained in 2004 and using Literacy & Language in KS2 achieved 94% Level 4 and 58% Level 5 in reading.

St Winefride’s, also using Phonics and Literacy & Language, achieved 100% L4 for reading and writing, 75% Level 5 for reading and 61% level 5 for writing.

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