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Ofsted report on bad behavior in schools

September’s Ofsted report ‘Below the radar: low level disruption in the country’s classrooms’ finds that pupils’ life chances are affected by poor behaviour in too many schools.

Nearly 3,000 schools and academies were inspected between January and July 2014, including 28 unannounced behaviour inspections.

Findings are combined with the results of surveys that gathered the views of parents and teachers. Teachers said that they are frustrated by the negative impact low-level behaviour has on learning and that senior leaders are not doing enough to support them. Four-fifths of parents wanted greater communication around behaviour and expectations. Many wanted a more formal and structure environment with clear boundaries for behaviour.

As a result, inspectors will monitor disruption on routine inspections. Low-level behaviour includes:

  • Talking unnecessarily
  • Calling out
  • Being slow to start work or follow instructions
  • Showing a lack of respect for each other and staff.

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