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What affects a child’s sense of well-being?

The Good Childhood Report finds that children in England are less happy and satisfied with their lives than children living in most European countries and North America. The report surveyed 50,000 children and found that:

  • Children who read for fun and read most days had higher well-being
  • Most children said that learning new skills and taking on new knowledge was crucial to their well-being as they needed to see themselves achieving
  • Most children thought that learning at home was just as important as learning at school.


Read the summary of the report here.


The Children’s Society report for parents, ‘How to support your child’s well-being,’ suggests that parents taking the time to talk and listen to their children is key to their sense of well-being and makes these simple recommendations:

  • Share meal times
  • Reduce the amount of time spent watching children’s TV
  • Find activities that you can enjoy together
  • Model positive attitudes towards learning and reading
  • Fundamentally, encourage reading for pleasure.


Read the full report here.