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Ruth Miskin's newsletter: Action Leadership

Anyone can talk about effective leadership, but it’s a different story in practice. You might have watched ‘Tough Young Teachers’ on BBC 3, which charted the journey of six Teach First students. So frustrating! The weakest teachers were observed relentlessly. We never actually saw them being shown what to do. Teaching has got to be taught step-by-step like anything else.

We want our programmes to work for you and your children so we’ve worked on a speedy way to get all your teachers to be good or outstanding. We’ve called it Action Leadership. It is incredibly simple, practical and empowering, and can be used by anyone teaching any subject – though we do apply this model to our literacy programmes in training.


I’m looking forward to running our Action Leadership seminars here at Sandy’s Row. My Action Leadership seminars are for headteachers. I keep these small so I can give you my full attention! (Reading leaders are welcome to come along with their headteacher.)
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Action Leadership training led by my trainers, which was called Leadership and Management, is for reading leaders – though headteachers are welcome too. These trainings are organised at central locations and are filling up quickly.
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Development Days. Trainers come to your school to work with your team and will use our Action Leadership model.
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