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Higher standards for all - Department for Education bulletin

Higher standards for all - Department for Education bulletin

Yesterday, Schools Minister David Laws announced a new accountability system to ensure that standards in literacy and maths are raised across the board. He said that a new system would highlight coasting schools and under-performing schools more easily and more credit will be given to schools that have challenging intakes with high levels of pupil performance.

In primary schools, children will be tested at the start of Reception by the child's teacher. The test will check basic understanding - counting, picture and letter recognition. This test will then be used to measure progress as the child moves through the school. A more ambitious target of 85% of pupils reaching expected levels at the end of primary school will also be introduced. Schools will be expected to publish these results, informing parents about pupil progress from 4-11, what percentage reach the ambitious standard set for the end of Year 6 and what percentage are considered 'high-achieving.'

In secondary schools, more emphasis will be placed on literacy and maths and the C grade threshold will be scrapped.
Russell Hobby, general secretary of the NAHT, said:

"I believe the profession should take seriously the proposal to baseline performance in Reception. The first 3 years of education are arguably the most important and they are currently ignored in the accountability framework, punishing those schools who serve the most challenging communities."